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Where did you pull that crime map from?

Stay in These Low-crime Areas on Your Trip to The Big Easy

I can't get the one on Project Nola to work. Thanks for the input. I think I'm psyching myself out a bit as far as how bad it might be. I've always loved New Orleans and I want to enjoy the experience rather than living in fear.

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The NOPD has a nice crime map viewer, but it doesn't work too often. I saved some images of various areas of the city from that viewer a few months ago. Carrollton is a nice area. If you have decided on that area of the city, I would try to get close to the intersection of Carrollton Ave. Charles Ave.

Wander Bourbon Street at 3 a.m. discussing New Orleans public safety plan

I'm already locked into this so it doesn't really matter but I just don't want to go to sleep every night worrying about a break-in. I'm a bit of a worry wart if you can't tell. Oh, I thought you were still looking. As far as New Orleans goes, its a pretty good neighborhood. It might look a little run down as you get away from the major streets, and there are some cemeteries right around the corner that can be overgrown and unsightly. However, don't be alarmed the neighborhood is solid and I would not feel uncomfortable walking around there at night.

Every crime map needs context. This USC data journalism project aims to scale it

FYI, theres a good breakfast place really close by. Ricobono's Panola St. Cafe is on Panola and Burdette, 1 block away.

I think rburnett was saying that most of the restaurants and other businesses are closer to St. You're still a short streetcar ride or a moderate walk from some pretty awesome stuff! As for safety, just use common sense like you would should! Some of my husband's family who gave us a lot of crap about moving here just had a bunch of car break-ins in their whitey-white bread subdivision in the "safe" suburbs in Georgia.

Stuff can happen anywhere, and you're smart to be concerned, but I think your new neighborhood is a good one ;-. Thanks so much! I'm sure I'm over worrying in general. One of my worst traits I'm sure in a few months I'll feel pretty silly for doubting. In general, I'm pretty excited about living in the city. I actually heard about Ricobonno's the other day, I'll definitely have to stop by! I'm originally from Shreveport and have lived in BR for the past 5 years, so New Orleans is definitely steps up in culture, fun, and experience!

I love Lousiana though and I'm excited about experiencing another of its great cities. As long as safety doesn't become an issue, I have no doubts I'll love it. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Definitely take these tours—but do not attempt to visit the cemeteries yourself, especially after dark. Criminals are known to hide behind the tombs and monuments, awaiting the perfect moment to mug or rob looky-loos. New Orleans tends to have better traffic than other major cities, though in recent years, road fatalities have risen, so drive with caution.

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Taxis and streetcars are plentiful and safe within the French Quarter—and between the French Quarter and the Garden District—at least until midnight. After that, stick with companions and taxis or ridesharing options. The district, also called Vieux Carre, is the legendary birthplace of jazz and so much more.

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But is Bourbon Street safe? And is the French Quarter safe once you get beyond Bourbon Street? This means that, to sidestep becoming a victim of New Orleans crime, you should limit alcohol consumption and avoid going around alone. In the French Quarter, con artists are active. If someone attempts to aggressively clean your shoes or bet on something obvious, leave the scene as soon as possible—tourists are often targeted by the New Orleans shoe scam and various betting scams. On Bourbon Street, scammers try to sell faux metals as gold, or distract travelers with fake petitions or strange behavior so that someone else can pick your pocket.

Credit card scams are also common in the French Quarter, so only withdraw money from established banks.

Crime in New Orleans

In addition, New Orleans suffers from a higher risk of tornados than the rest of the United States. It has been updated to reflect the most current information. New Orleans Voodoo Tour star star star star star. New Orleans Sightseeing Flight star star star star star star star star star star.

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