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How does this explain the nature of what is really going on in this situation? Q: If Israel represents Believers and Egypt non-Believers, for whom are signs and wonders aimed and why? For believers, they reinforce the faith in God they already have shown by their obedience. A: No. A: He first provides the opportunity to recognize and come to Him by recognizing the power of His Word. The purpose of signs and wonders is to draw attention to the message.

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A: According to v. Q: How do we know that this sign was not just a coincidence, something that happened to occur at the same time as a natural disaster hitting the Nile? A: Because of v.

Q: What is the symbolism of blood and the message it might communicate in this situation? A: Blood represents death. Q: How did the magicians find fresh water to themselves change to blood to show that they could counterfeit this sign as well?


A: As indicated in v. It shows that although they may have been able to duplicate the sign, they could only do it to a very small and limited degree compared to what God did through Moses and Aaron. Q: What is the significant difference between this sign and those displayed previously? A: Although this one could be counterfeited, it could not be withdrawn without divine intervention. Pharaoh had to ask God to end it.


It has a double-emphasis in its testimony not only as to its divine origins but its divine ending. Q: What is the condition Moses sets as to the ending of the plague and how does it fit in with our discussion of the purpose of signs and wonders? Others said, How can a man that is a sinner do such miracles? John As he spoke, the blind man undoubtedly looked directly into their eyes a new and precious privilege. But that was an unsettling answer.

The Pharisees, in total frustration and unable to argue with that single greatest and undeniable fact in the case, cast the man out of their presence. Then comes this sweet conclusion to a story about renewed sight and brighter light:. And he worshipped him. Jesus had quickened both temporal and spiritual vision. He had cast his light into a dark place, and this man, like many others in that day as well as in our own, had accepted the light and had seen.

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President Spencer W. Kimball taught us with a book by the title Faith Precedes the Miracle. But there is, of course, an increase of faith that should follow the miracle as well. As a result of the many miracles in our lives, we should be more humble and more grateful, more kind and more believing. When we are personal witnesses to these wonders which God performs, it should increase our respect and love for him; it should improve the way we behave. We will live better and love more if we will remember that.